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The Best Tech Crew in the World, Baby! (Mid-Autumn)

That show was a clusterfuck from hell*
They had no real idea of what they wanted, they showed up 30 minutes late, and they changed things during the show. Not cool.

What pulled us through it all was my fabulous crew, especially the guys (and gal) I had on deck. I have never been more proud of the teamwork exhibited by the crew, and we were working like a machine, baby!

I am so proud of my deck crew that I am going to call them out by name (for posterity's sake):
Frankie, Jenny, Ryan, Kevin, and Brad.

DJ was also on deck and helped out, but I was most impressed by the precision with which they handled the transition between the delicate instrument segment and the biggest clusterfuck of the night. (Not dissing DJ, Jesse, Daniel, or Dennis... just giving highest props to the aforementioned five... i coulda hugged you guys!)

I am so glad the night is over though, I have never come so close to hitting non-show people in my life.

*IMHO, not in Stewart Theater's nor NCSU's. (DJ's diclaimer)
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