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Interesting note from this week's Independent:

But if I fault Friday's audience at Duke, I must fault myself the following night at N.C. State. Apparently the folks at Stewart Auditorium didn't realize that the streets were still jammed at that hour from Wade Avenue to the campus after the Wolfpack drubbed the Seminoles.

Regional theaters generally hold curtain anywhere from five to ten minutes when such difficulties arise. Not N.C. State: my cell phone clock read 8:12 when I finally entered the theater--in time to catch the very end of the evening's second work, Natalie Rockwell's solo for bicycle, "20 West Henderson Street." This means I missed Megan Marvel's dance film The Water Line, which I'd heard good things about and had hoped to see.

At least the concert started on time, though.

Jackie Willse's "Corresponding Dilemmas" seemed to evoke the same comedic air, and the same distaff take on classical music which we've found in Robin Harris' recent works. In it, a tribe of letter carriers crisply passed envelopes among themselves to music by Bach, in order to melodramatically deliver them to dancer Lindsey Greene.

Similar employment of classical music figured in other works, including Katie Tart's blunted, sometimes amusing, "I want to be a pigeon." "Hold Me Close and Ginger Lee," Megan Marvel's pithy inquiry into how lovers put each other on a pedestal, was enjoyable, but the point of Lindsey Greene's "A Movie by Godot" remained unclear. Since it remains a work-in-progress, we will defer discussion of Harris' new work, "Songs," to its May 2003 premiere.

If your reading this, most likely you can imagine my various responses.

If you want to read his full article, I guess it will be here for at least a few days
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