The Faerie-Kissed Butterfly (btrsweetangel) wrote in stewart_theatre,
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Dance Beat

Wow. For the most part, these people had their act together.
We started on time, finished early, and had nothing but cooperation.
I will not mind at all working with these people again.

Side note:
What I *do* mind is having 5 people on the call where only 4 people are really working and the fifth is more of a hinderance than a help. If she doesn't get it, fine. But when other crew members have to take 5 minutes to teach her something she should already know (because someone taught her the exact thing 15 minutes ago) something is wrong. I felt kind of guilty for giving her "easy" jobs, but she gave me no choice. In the time it took her to strike 4 headsets, 3 chairs, and 2 cables, the rest of us struck the booms, the lights, and the gel.
*exasperated sigh*
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